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I used Google’s translation utility to translate everything- options, et. al for the translated Google group of NIT Agartala GNU/Linux Users group in Hindi.

Here are a few screenshots:

Before using Google translator, I was unable to translate the options atop the menu buttons.


Freenode no longer supports Mibbit. Discoverd it today, while helping a friend in a cyber cafe via gtalk.

Just use this & solve your problems-

If you do not have a registered “nick”(user id), then try out any you wish & if already registered try another choice. do register your “nick” later if you are regular on the IRC. Nick setup help.

Making your own radio-station?

Try GNU Radio-

I am doing the same for my college radio at NIT Agartala, India.

Being Open Source, it is cheap & much more reliable. It has been extensively tested for bugs by various users. It has a vibrant community & they are willing to help you for any problems that you face for free.

The USRP2 costs around $1,500(USD) outside of the USA for organizations but is extremely robust.

For details visit-

I found the youtube downloader too slow. So, I found another way out.

I opened youtube, let the full video be streamed. Then I went to the temp(temporary) directory & copied the video file after the full video got streamed.

Upto 50% quicker!! Works same ways with Windows. All files are copied to the directory, even the pictures you view on a webpage. They are erased as soon as you close the webpage.

In Linux, the directory is /temp. Find out the flash video file(.flv) or try to find the file whose size is increasing & is of size suitable t be the video file. Try playing it by VLC player.

For Windows XP, the directory is C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8axcg82l.default\Cache for Firefox. …./User/….may also have your own username. Just find the file of increasing size. Rename as <filename>.flvĀ  if you don’t wish to select the program used to open it repeatedly.

Sadly, the cache of Google Chrome is cached & you cannot copy easily from there.

I used my printer on both my laptop & desktop so easily. It is a HP psc 1210, an all-in-one printer & scanner.

I added it without need to use any CD/DVD as is required in Windows to install drivers. All the drivers are pre-loaded. I just clicked on add printer. Just a one minute job.

FOSS rocks!!

I formatted my 4 year old IBM Think Centre desktop. After that I could not get the LAN card drivers for my Intel ones. I did not know my motherboard number & could not get it on the board after opening the CPU box.Even IBM & Lenovo sites did not help-I searched for 4 hours.

Then I installed the Ubuntu 9.04 I received via mail. I chose Ubuntu as my parents use the desktop & it would be easier for them. All the drivers were built into it. I did not need to update anything from the internet for it.

Open source sure rocks!! This will satisfy the sceptics.