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RPM cookbook

This is an interesting take on the RPM by Shakthi Kannan–


Visit the Durgapur LUG’s tutorials’ site–

Please visit the site to know more about online Summer training under Durgapur LUG in the field of GNU/Linux & FOSS. No entry fees!! Starts on June 25. On the IRC. Install Linux as soon as possible.

Refer to the link-

This blog has listings of  many job opportunities in the field of FOSS-

Please read Shakthi Kannan’s document :

The above is PDF

For PDP( Smaller size; Requires Open Office-FOSS alternative to MS Office)

A book on Python– 

A book on Ubuntu Linux- 

 Linux comic books- 


On Ankit Fadia & hackers:

This IIT Bombay Professor is among India’s 50 most powerful people.He supports FOSS.

Be updated with the latest developments of the Fedora Electronics Lab–

Stay informed through the mailing list-

FEL Developer’s corner

FEL  Publications and Presentations

This is Aanjhan’s blog, one of the key contributors to FEL:

Also try one of his pages–

Try the sites related to Arduino: 

Try it. Its great!! 

Download it– 

A tutorial– 

For more just Google-“arduino”

The dealer for India-