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The Gmail offline utility is cool. It uses Gears on your computer to store your latest mails.

It is much better than the email clients like Outlook or Evolution as it organises your mails in the same way as Gmail does using the uber-cool AJAX.  The mails are stacked together in a thread for ongoing email correspondence.

Now, Gmail also loads more quickly than before. WordPress also uses Turbo (that uses Gears) to store files (of your blog) on your computer to speed it up.

However, it is to be used ONLY on your personal computer-it doesn’t require password.



After the Apple G-4 cube, this is the first time such a powerful PC is up for grabs. However, it doesn’t have the  aesthetic looks of the cube. And it is costlier as well. So, it will be. 96o cores & NVIDIA’s CUDA parallel computing architecture.

However, it is more of a rich man’s toy at prices upward of $9,995 or for the dedicated professional.

Finally, our Linux fest has taken a very concrete shape. It will probably be a fedora 11 Release Party!!

For more visit NIT Agartala GLUG.

To see our event registered as a Fedora event visit–the Fedora events page & the Fedora Release events page

I advise you to use the more secure https rather than http protocol. Just go to your Gmail settings->General->last “Always use https”

However, if you do not have a very fast internet connection, then Gmail may become painfully slow.

My BSNL Broadband was a bit slow once & I had to wait for more than a minute for it to load..

Want to know what are the official distributions. Go to–

This Linux distro was developed by CERN & Fermilab

Gease metal as an add-on in Google Chrome & Grease monkey in Firefox can be used to run scripts on a page. They are being used to do anything from removing annoying Facebook applications to unlocking Orkut albums.

Try Googling for more..However, most of the scripts sites have been acted upon & loopholes closed..

Please refer–

Also get add-ons like No-script, Adblock Plus & Flashblock.

Here is the list(exhaustive)–

A full list of Red Hat & Fedora mailing lists —

Fedora forum–
Open SuSE mailing

Ubuntu mailing lists & forums–

1. The Linux

2. Linux Magazine– & its namesake

3.Linux Format– ; TuxRadar–

4.Linux User & Developer–

5.Full Circle Magazine–

The blogs—–

Best Linux distros for power users, gamers, newbies and more. Your route to Tux heaven : TechRadar UK–

Also checkout Digitizor–